craft beer bar in action

As the craft beer wave washes over all of Vietnam, Hue seems to have been left behind. But no longer. We are proud to have the first and only craft beer on tap in the Imperial City.

With a constantly rotating, handpicked tap lineup, there’s always something new to try. We feature beers from the best breweries in Vietnam, including Heart of Darkness, Pasteur Street, TeTe, East West, Belgo, Dong Son, Furbrew, Fuzzy Logic and more. Plus, we get exclusive kegs from Hoi An Brewing Company, which is crafted by brewer Ryan Leatham in small, 10-keg batches at his taproom in Hoi An.

We are happy to serve a diverse customer base of locals, expats and travelers. We’ve also got some bar snacks to nibble on, including ethnic-minority-style dried pork from North-Central Vietnam and handmade sausages. Come quench your thirst at the only craft beer bar in Hue!

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